Our Glenrowan Cellar Door is 100% certified organic? - Baileys of Glenrowan

Our Glenrowan Cellar Door is 100% certified organic?

Did you know that the Baileys of Glenrowan winery and cellar door are 100% certified organic? Organic viticulture is the production of grapes in an environmentally friendly way. This involves keeping a natural balance in the vineyard and surrounding area, without the use of synthetic fertilisers, herbicides, insecticides or fungicides.

To ensure a product is genuinely organic, it can be ‘certified organic’ by an organic certifying body approved by Australia’s Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. To make sure your wine is certified organic, look for a certification logo, such as ACO (Australian Certified Organic) or NASA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture).

We certify our Glenrowan wines with the ACO, the largest Australian certifier for organic produce. A strict standard, ACO certification verifies and guarantees that a product complies with national production standards and that its provenance can be traced.

Under the ACO, the organic certification process takes three years and involves property testing, a written plan detailing the organic farming methods the wine producer will use and annual audits.

Converting from conventional vineyards to organic viticulture is challenging. Fungal diseases are tricky to control with just sulphur and copper. Growers need to apply these at the right time and correctly, because they must cover the whole canopy and fruit zone.

Organic viticulture can draw on both traditional and modern farming practices as long as it avoids the use of synthetic fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides. Instead, organic materials such as rock phosphate, plant-based materials, animal-based products and chemical-free sprays are used.

For a great organic white wine, try our 2019 Fiano. Layered and textured with hints of almond, white peach and a clean crisp finish meshed with a little tannin, this is a great summer wine to enjoy with rich seafood dishes such as pan seared barramundi. If organic red wine is more your forte, try the 2019 Organic Shiraz for a beautiful fresh expression of Baileys of Glenrowan’s hallmark power and depth. It pairs beautifully with classic veal dishes and light game meats, such as duck or quail. If you enjoy a rose during the warmer months, try our juicy organic rose, it tastes of strawberries and cream and has a beautiful crisp dry finish. Best enjoyed whilst young and fresh.

At Baileys of Glenrowan, we believe organic wines are not only better for us and the environment, but are better able to express their regional and seasonal characters. Wines with a sense of place. Come visit our Glenrowan cellar door and let us guide you through a fully organic Glenrowan wine tasting.

Reference: Wine Australia