Varley Bailey acquires land lots in the
parish of Glenrowan. His father Richard and
sister Emma, also purchase properties to build
their farms on. The Bailey family run several
farms and Varley plants his Vineyard


Varley begins to make wine,
he expands and diversifies his vineyard,
even then the style of Glenrowan wines
were heroic and gutsy.


The region suffers a devastating outbreak
of Phylloxera, an aphid that feeds on vine
roots. The Baileys vineyards were destroyed,
and many winemakers were ordered to
destroy their vineyards.


Undeterred, Varley replants his vineyard with
Phylloxera resistant rootstock – expensive and
hard to source! Soon the Baileys famous wines
flow again the original 1904 Shiraz Block,
continues to produce outstanding wines
to this day.


The Baileys mantle is passed on from father
to son. The vineyard expands under the
Bailey Bros Winery name. The red stripped
Hermitage, quickly builds a famous reputation
and loyal following.


Third generation Bailey briethers, Allan
and Roley Bailey sell the winery. Although
the Bailey family had sold, the famous wine
would remain the same.


The Baileys winery releases its first organic
Shiraz following organic certification of
the vineyards.


Now over 150 years old, the winery and
vineyards are certified organic. We are proud
to showcase the heritage of the winery and
how our traditional techniques have evolved
to reflect modern winemaking expertise.

We will continue to cherish the history and
integrity of Baileys for generations to come.


We have a team of world class, passionate winemakers.
Get to know the people behind our wines below.