All about Shiraz: 3 organic Shiraz wines to sip on this Shiraz Day! - Baileys of Glenrowan

All about Shiraz: 3 organic Shiraz wines to sip on this Shiraz Day!

Shiraz Day is just around the corner (the 23rd of July to be exact) and how better to celebrate than with a gorgeous organic Shiraz!

Baileys of Glenrowan are a fully organic winery, comprised of 143 hectares of vineyards. In total, the area boasts ten varieties which span in age dating over 100 years. We are so excited to say that all of our our table wines from vintage 2019 are now certified organic.

Organic wineries means organic grapes, which we believe makes for wines that express the site and season in which they were grown even more – wines with a sense of place. You can read more on our organic winemaking practices here.

Looking to visit the region? Visit our Glenrowan Cellar Door. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to organic wines, especially organic Shiraz. Here are some of our visitor's favourites:

2019 Baileys Organic Shiraz 

Our founder, Varley Bailey, crafted our first Shiraz back in 1870. After the Baileys of Glenrowan vineyards became certified organic in 2011, we produced our first organic Shiraz in 2012. This wine is made in tribute to those traditional winemaking techniques, upgraded with modern influences. The result is a sustainable Shiraz of great character full of fresh black berry and black forest flavours all wrapped in traditional Baileys tannins.

2019 1920’s Block Shiraz

Whilst the plantings between the 1920’s and 1904 Block Shiraz are close in proximity, they produce oh-so-different wines. Specifically, the decomposed granite soils of the 1920’s block Shiraz allows for a more structured, darker profile shiraz. This organic wine is rich and packed with spice, dark fruits and plums.

2019 Varley Shiraz

Named after Varley Bailey, this Shiraz is synonymous with the ingenuity and power of Bailey’s founding winemaker. Ripe and grainy fruit tannins build structure and texture through the middle, finished with notes of mocha.