The Glenrowan Wine Region

We sit at the gateway to Australia’s most diverse wine landscape. North East Victoria is home to five recognized wine regions, separated by no more than an hour, yet each with a distinctly different offering to tempt the wine lover.


With our history of producing full-bodied red wines and world-class fortifieds, Glenrowan is often thought of in similar context to Rutherglen. Wine writer Campbell Mattinson observed that our granite studded hills, and expressive red wines are more closely aligned with Beechworth. Both points have merit, though we know our region to be truly unique.

The Warby Range

The dominant feature of the landscape is the Warby Range, which stretches twenty-five kilometres north to south, from Glenrowan towards the Murray River. The Warby’s have a wildness to them, quite distinct from other ‘high country’ in the North East. Rugged granite hills emerge from the southern end of the range, rising in excess of 400 metres at Mount Glenrowan. Steep gullies and ravines that run completely dry in summer, form cascading waterfalls in the cooler months. A thick covering of scrubby alpine gums blanket the hillsides around Glenrowan and Taminick, giving way to towering River Red gums at the northern fringe.

The Winton Wetlands

The Winton Wetlands, Australia’s largest wetland restoration project, lies immediately to the west, just a few hundred metres from the winery. Almost 9000 hectares in size, the wetlands are an area of great environmental, ecological and indigenous significance, and add to the already rich diversity of flora and fauna in the Glenrowan Wine Region.

And then there is The King Valley.

The King Valley is unquestionably Australia’s greatest region for Italian varietals. The Alpine Valley grows a diversity of crisp white and elegant red wines in often breath-taking vineyard settings. Beechworth is one of the country’s most exciting wine regions, with world class Shiraz and Chardonnay produced by a handful of producers with cult-like followings. The historic Rutherglen needs no introduction at all, such is its global fame for fortified wines.

Getting Here


779 Taminick Gap Rd, Glenrowan VIC 3675

Transport Options

Car: 10 min (10.4 km) via Warby Range Rd and Taminick Gap Rd