Baileys – Organic Month - Baileys of Glenrowan

Baileys – Organic Month

There is no better time to go Organic than in September.

Guided by Australian Organic, September has been hailed ‘Organic Month’, which means celebrating all things certified organic.

The organic industry ranges from food, cosmetics, clothing and (yep, you guessed it), wine! And here at Baileys of Glenrowan, we are all on board!

But first, why organic?

Organic products support consumer health, food safety, promote good nutrition and help the environment. Often, products that are certified organic mean farmers are working with nature, to craft products made in an environmentally friendly way.

At Baileys, we believe that adhering to organic farming principles produces better wine. In 2011, Bailey received its organic certification after adapting to organic farming practices and eliminating the use of synthetic sprays, pesticides and herbicides.

In essence, Baileys embraced the early farming methods used by Baileys of Glenrowan when the winery was established in 1870 that saw zero intervention from chemicals and sprays. This makes for a wine that holds a strong connection to the land.

Going organic doesn’t mean a complete lifestyle overhaul. In fact, there are easy substitutes for just about anything organic, like Baileys of Glenrowan wine!

The certified Organic range at Baileys of Glenrowan includes:

2019 Organic Shiraz

Following organic certification in 2011, our first organic Shiraz was made in 2012. Some years later, our 2019 Organic Shiraz still embodies traditional winemaking techniques with upgraded modern influences.

The winemaking process involves the inclusion of 23% whole grape bunches, that were matured for 12 months in a mixture of seasoned French Oak. The result? A gorgeous organic red wine that boasts a bright purple colour and flavours of blackberry, black forest and aromas of florals and all spice.

Pair with some good quality organic game meats such as duck or quail.

2019 1920’s Block Shiraz

The 1920’s Block Shiraz stems from a two acre vineyard that is completely organic and dry grown. This results in a wine made from fruit with rare flavour and intensity. Hand tended from vine to bottle, and pressed off using traditional 100 year old basket press.

A palate that is rich and packed with spice, dark fruits and liquorice. A dark red colour with concentration and power. Try this wine with some organic lamb shoulder or braised beef cheek.

2019 Varley Shiraz

The Varley Shiraz, inspired by Varley Baileys our founding winemaker who farmed using organic methods over 150 years ago. Simply enjoy with family and friends.