2021 Organic Moscato



Blessed with a steady vintage, with all varieties ripening in natural order, which gave a well
spread intake. This allowed winemakers to dedicate the required time and energy to each
parcel maximising the quality.

Hand picked and very gently air bagged pressed, a small percentage fermented in seasoned French oak barrels for complexity and texture, while the balance fermented in tank for vibrancy and freshness.


The Moscato is an aromatic and luscious wine with a hint of blush colour and a perfumed filled rose petal nose. The palate displays Turkish delight and lychee with a sweetness balanced out by mouth-watering acidity, which gives it a fresh crisp finish.


Alcohol: 9%

Region: Glenrowan

Vintage: 2021

Varietal: Moscato

Bottle Size: 750mL

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